Data Recovery & Ransomware Decryption Service in Melbourne

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Data Recovery

Recover data from PC/Mac not booting, no power.

Physically damage computer, laptop, or hard drive

Hard drive crash including head crash and “the knock of death”

Recover data from accidental data erase or File system corruption.

Firmware and Surgical Level service to the hard drive.


We are able to recover files from all types of Ransomware infections

We have actual office in Melbourne, you can come and check the progress

We provide FREE evaluation, and trial decryption for your peace of mind.

We also help you prevent further infections

Range of Data Recovery

Ransomware infected Data Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery
Laptop Data Recovery
Desktop Data Recovery
Server Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
Digital Photo Recovery
USB/Flash Drive
Mac Data Recovery

Express Service

With our convenience drop off office in Balwyn, and a large collection of pre-serviced parts, and over 18 years of experience. We can get your data back within a short amount of time, minimize your system downtime.

About Netsquare

Rated as the one of best Data Recovery Center in Melbourne
With over 18 years of Data Recovery experiences,

Netsquare's qualified IT engineers are confident in being able to assist you to the best solution, from no-booting PC to Surgical level data recovery, or your important files are locked by ransomware. Contact us now, we will get your data back for you!

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Laptop Recovery
  • Desktop Recovery
  • Email Recovery



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